Hydrogenolysis by lithium aluminum hydride-aluminium chloride of ether solutions of camphor ethylene ketal and norcamphor ethylene ketal.

The LiAlH4-AlCl2 reductive cleavage of norcamphor ethylene ketal yields 2-(2-endo-norbornyloxy)ethanol in >=98% yield, whereas the similar redn. of camphor ethylene ketal gives 2-(2-isobornyloxy)ethanol in 78% yield and 2-(2-bornyloxy)ethanol in 22% yield. These are the products arising from steric...

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Journal Title: Canadian Journal of Chemistry Vol. 44; no. 13; pp. 1547 - 1550
Authors: W. W. Zajac, B. Rhee, R. K. Brown
Format: Article
Published: 1966
Application Date: Univ. Alberta,Edmonton,