Alkyl 1,2:3,4-dibenzopyrenes.

cf. CA 50, 6383b. Various 9-methylphenyl- and 9-dimethylphenyl-1,2-benzanthracenes (I) were prepd. and catalytically cyclodehydrogenated to give II. 9-(p-Tolyl)-1,2-benzanthracene (III) (1.0 g.) in 60 ml. dry C6H6 heated 2 hrs. on a steam bath with 6 g. anhyd. AlCl3, the cooled mixt. decompd. with 1...

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Journal Title: Journal of Organic Chemistry Vol. 26; pp. 2228 - 2230
Authors: Walter W. Zajac, Frank A. Vingiello
Format: Article
Published: 1961
Application Date: Virginia Polytech. Inst.,Blacksburg,