alpha -Nitro ketones. 7. Synthesis of conjugated nitrocyclohexenes.

Redn. of 2-nitrocyclohexanones to 2-nitrocyclohexanols with NaBH4 followed by treatment with NaH and subsequent acid work-up gave conjugated nitrocyclohexenes regioselectively. E.g., nitrocyclohexanone I underwent redn. by NaBH4 at room temp. for 24 h to give 80% II, which underwent dehydration by N...

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Journal Title: Tetrahedron letters Vol. 23; no. 2; pp. 135 - 138
Authors: Pimchit Dampawan, Walter W. Zajac
Format: Article
Published: 1982
Application Date: Dep. Chem.,Villanova Univ.,Villanova,PA,USA.