alpha -Nitro ketones; 8. Nitration of enol acetates with trifluoroacetic anhydride and ammonium nitrate.

Nitrocyclohexanones I (R = H, C1-4 alkyl; R1 = H, Me, CMe3) were prepd. from cyclohexenol acetates II and trifluoroacetyl nitrate. II (R = Me, R1 = H) was stirred with NH4NO3 and (CF3CO)2O in CH2Cl2-CHCl3 1 h at room temp. to give I (R = Me, R1 = H).

Journal Title: Synthesis no. 7; pp. 545 - 546
Authors: Pimchit Dampawan, Walter W. Zajac
Format: Article
Published: 1983