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Noise investigation of the Pennsylvania Turnpike widening

Author(s): James J. Schuster, Michael K. Wong
Year of Publication: 1989
Publisher: Purdue University -
Journal Title: Transportation Research Record
ISSN: 0361-1981
Issue: 1240
Start Page: 25
Abstract: The project described in this paper involves the installation of extensive noise wall barriers and the widening of the turnpike to six lanes. A total of 57 noise receptor points were analyzed. The 2006 design year Leq noise level for the noisiest hour of each receptor was predicted by means of the calibrated STAMINA 2.0/OPTIMA computer program. This provided the individual noise contributions of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, various arterials and local roads, and the logarithmic addition of all roadway noise to provide a total noise level at each receptor site. An inspection of the data yielded the following: the predicted noise levels exceeded established noise abatement criteria at 16 sites, and noise mitigation in the form of noise barrier walls was required. The location, dimensions and cost of the barriers were determined along with the predicted reduction and noise levels. An after study was later completed that compared actual with predicted and existing noise levels. The decrease ranged from 2.9 dBA to 13.0 dBA.
End Page: 27
Subjects: Highway Systems
Noise, Acoustic--Measurements
Roads and Streets--Widening
Transportation--Environmental Impact