Isomeric 2,6-pyridino-cryptands based on dibenzo-24-crown-8

Cryptands 4 and 5 were synthesized from cis- and trans-bis(hydroxymethylbenzo)-24-crown-8 by reaction with pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylic acid chloride in 42 and 48% yields, respectively. The new cryptands form pseudorotaxanes with the paraquat derivative N,N'-bis(beta-hydroxyethyl)-4,4'-bipyridinium bis...

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Journal Title: Journal of Organic Chemistry Vol. 72; no. 9; pp. 3381 - 3393
Authors: Scott Kassel, Arnold L. Rheingold, Harry W. Gibson, Hong Wang, Carla Slebodnick, Joseph Merola
Format: Article
Language: English
Published: 2007
APR 27