Syntheses and structures of mono-thiocyanate complexes of cadmium(II) and lead(II) containing bulky nitrogen based polydentate ligands

The reaction of [Cd2(thf)5](BF4)4 with two equiv. of Tl[HB(3-Butpz)3] (pz=pyrazolyl ring) produces the intermediate {[HB(3-Butpz3]Cd}[BF4] that reacts with potassium thiocyanate to yield [HB(3-Butpz)3]Cd(NCS) (1). The solid state structure shows that the sterically demanding 3-tert-butyl groups enfo...

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Journal Title: Polyhedron Vol. 21; no. 18; pp. 1795 - 1807
Authors: Scott Kassel, Arnold L. Rheingold, Daniel L. Reger, Terri D. Wright, Mark D. Smith, Thomas Concolino, Brian Rhagitan
Format: Article
Published: 2002
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