The 9-AURIGAE System

The F0 V star 9 Aur A exhibits an irregular variability of amplitude $\approx $0.1 magnitude at optical wavelengths. The variations are too slow for it to be a $\delta$ Scuti-type star. There is no evidence for a close, interacting companion or ring of dust, either from infrared, ultraviolet, or spe...

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Journal Title: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Vol. 263; no. 3; pp. 781 - 788
Authors: Edward Guinan, K. Krisciunas, K. D. Luedeke, C. Aspin, T. R. Geballe, H. Akazawa, C. F. Claver, H. J. Landis, N. Ohkura, D. R. Skillman, O. Ohshima
Format: Article
Published: Aug 1993
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