Biostimulation of Iron Reduction and Subsequent Oxidation of a Sediment Containing Fe-silicates and Fe-oxides: Effect of Redox Cycling on Fe(III) Bioreduction

Sediment containing a mixture of iron (Fe)-phases, including Fe-oxides (mostly Al-goethite) and Fe-silicates (illites and vermiculite) was bioreduced in a long-term flow through column experiment followed by re-oxidation with dissolved oxygen. The objective of this study was (a) to determine the nat...

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Journal Title: Water Research Vol. 41; no. 13; pp. 2996 - 3004
Authors: John Komlos, Peter R. Jaffe, Ravi K. Kukkadapu, John M. Zachara
Format: Article
Published: Jul 2007
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