Uranium Removal from Groundwater via In-Situ Biostimulation Field-Scale Modeling of Transport and Biological Processes

During 2002 and 2003, bioremediation experiments in the unconfined aquifer of the Old Rifle UMTRA field site in western Colorado provided evidence for the immobilization of hexavalent uranium in groundwater by iron-reducing Geobacter sp. stimulated by acetate amendment. As the bioavailable Fe(III) t...

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Journal Title: Journal of Contaminant Hydrology Vol. 93; no. 1-4; pp. 216 - 235
Authors: John Komlos, Peter R. Jaffe, S.B. Yabusaki, Y. Fang, P.E. Long, C.T. Resch, A.D. Peacock, S.J. Morrison, R.D. Dayvault, D.C. White
Format: Article
Published: 08/15/2007