A comparative Mossbauer study of the mineral cores of human H-chain ferritin employing dioxygen and hydrogen peroxide as iron oxidants

Ferritins are ubiquitous iron storage and detoxification proteins distributed throughout the plant and animal kingdoms. Mammalian ferritins oxidize and accumulate iron as a ferrihydrite mineral within a shefl-like protein cavity. Iron deposition utilizes both O-2, and H2O2 as oxidants for Fe2+ where...

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Journal Title: Biophysical Chemistry Vol. 130; no. 3; pp. 114 - 121
Authors: Fadi Bou-Abdallah, Elissa Carney, Dennis N. Chasteen, Paolo Arosio, Arthur J. Viescas, Georgia PapaefthymiouDavis
Format: Article
Published: 2007