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A Diffusion Model for Low Reynolds Number Flows in a Wetland

Author(s): Bridget Wadzuk, E. Burke
Year of Publication: 2007
Publisher: American Society of Civil Engineers - Reston, VA
ISBN: 9780784409275
Proceedings Title: Restoring our natural habitat proceedings of the 2007 World Environmental and Water Resources Congress
Conference Location: Tampa, Florida
Abstract: The dynamics of diffusion in laminar flow constructed stormwater wetlands are presently not fully understood. A field experiment conducted at Villanova University in 2006 compared field diffusion coefficients with those of the laboratory experiments of Nepf et al. (1997) and Serra et al. (2004); all of these studies examined the effect of plant density on diffusion coefficients. The field conditions at Villanova included several additional factors that were not present in the laboratory experiments: non-uniform flow, plant debris and additional bed shear stress. The results of this study show that these field factors significantly affect the diffusion coefficients and that a new model is needed to predict the diffusion coefficients in field conditions.
Conference Dates: May 15-19, 2007