Accreting Protoplanets around the Young Stellar Object SU Aurigae

The light variations of the classical T Tauri star (CTTS) SU Aurigae (HD 282624; G2 IIIe; = +9.20 mag; = +0.90), like many other CTT stars, are complicated. Long-term photometric observations are made using the 0.8m Automatic Photoelectric Telescope in Arizona. The observations were made f...

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Journal Title: Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society Vol. 33; pp. 1397 -
Authors: Edward Guinan, Ignasi Ribas, J. F. Sepinsky, S. G. Engle, Laurence DeWarf
Conference Name: 199th AAS Meeting
Conference Location: Washington, DC
Conference Dates: January 2002
Format: Published Abstract
Published: 2001