'But I am constant as the North Star' The Return of Polaris as a Low Amplitude Classical Cepheid

Polaris ( ≈ +2.0 mag; B-V = +0.60; F7 Ib) is a low amplitude Classical Cepheid with a pulsation period of P = 3.97 days. Polaris is one of the nearest (dHipparcos = 132 +/- 8 pc) and brightest Cepheid. This Cepheid (Polaris A) is the luminous member of the multiple star system (ADS 1477). Over th...

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Journal Title: Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society Vol. 34; pp. 1296 -
Authors: Edward Guinan, S. G. Engle, J. J. Davis, J. C. Tracey
Conference Name: 201st AAS Meeting
Conference Location: Seattle, WA
Conference Dates: January 2003
Format: Published Abstract
Published: 2002