Use of substituted bis(acetylacetone)ethylenediimine and dialkyldithiocarbamate ligands for copper chelation in supercritical carbon dioxide

Chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP) is a process of oxidizing and chelating the copper overburden present in an interconnect device while mechanically polishing the surface of the wafer. Because the use of condensed CO2 as the solvent for CMP would be environmentally and technically advantageous...

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Journal Title: Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research Vol. 45; no. 26; pp. 8779 - 8787
Authors: Andrew Dunbar, Donna M. Omiatek, Susan D. Thai, Christopher E. Kendrex, Laurel L. Grotizinger, Walter J. Boyko, Randy Weinstein, Carol A. Bessel, Ginger M. Denison, Joseph M . DeSimone, Dorothy Skaf
Format: Article
Published: 12/20/2006
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