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Far-Ultraviolet Study of the Hot White Dwarf in the Dwarf NOVA WW Ceti

Author(s): Patrick Godon, Edward Sion, Paula Szkody, Laura Seward
Year of Publication: 2006
Journal Title: Astronomical Journal
ISSN: 0004-6256
Volume: 131
Issue: 5
Date Name: May 2006
Language: English
Start Page: 2634
Abstract: We present a synthetic spectral analysis of IUE archival and FUSE (Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer) far-UV spectra of the peculiar dwarf nova WW Cet. During the quiescence of WW Cet, a white dwarf with K can account for the far-UV flux and yields the proper distance. However, the best agreement with the observations is provided by a two-temperature white dwarf model with a cooler white dwarf at K providing 75% of the far-UV flux and a hotter region (accretion belt or optically thick disk ring) with K contributing 25% of the flux for the proper distance. We find from the FUSE spectrum that the white dwarf is rotating with km s−1. Our temperature results provide an additional data point in the distribution of WD Twd versus orbital period above the CV period gap, where few WD Twd values are available.
End Page: 2642
Subjects: dwarf novae—stars
individual (WW Ceti)—white dwarfs
Digital Object Identifier: 10.1086/501523
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