Solubility of Felodipine and Nitrendipine in Liquid and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide by Cloud Point and UV Spectroscopy

The solubility of two calcium channel blockers, felodipine and nitrendipine, was measured in liquid and supercritical carbon dioxide at (298, 308, and 318) K and at pressures between (80 and 250) bar. The solubilites were measured experimentally through two methods: cloud point measurements and UV a...

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Journal Title: Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data Vol. 52; no. 1; pp. 256 - 260
Authors: Randy Weinstein, William H. Hanlon, J.Patrick Donohue, Michael Simeone, Anton Rotzich, Kenneth Muske
Format: Article
Published: Jan 2007
Online Access: Full Text