Spectroscopic, structural and computational analysis of [Re(CO)3(dippM)Br]n+ (dippM = 1,1′-bis(diiso-propylphosphino)metallocene, M = Fe, n = 0 or 1; M = Co, n = 1) Dalton Transactions

While the redox active backbone of bis(phosphino)ferrocene ligands is often cited as an important feature of these ligands in catalytic studies, the structural parameters of oxidized bis(phosphino)ferrocene ligands have not been thoroughly studied. The reaction of [Re(CO)3(dippf)Br] (dippf = 1,1′-bi...

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Journal Title: Dalton Transactions Vol. 45; no. 11; pp. 4819 - 4827
Authors: W. Scott Kassel, R. Hernández Sánchez, M. J. Robinson, N. A. Piro, C. Nataro, A. G. Furneaux, K. M. Gramigna, N. Fey
Format: Article
Language: English
Published: 03/21/2016