Synthesis of lemonose derivatives methyl 4-amino-3-O,4-N-carbonyl-2,4,6-trideoxy-3-C-methyl-α-l-lyxo-pyranoside and its phenyl thioglycoside

Lemonose is a component of the antibiotic lemonomycin and other antibiotics and natural products. Three routes to the synthesis of the title compound, a protected, desmethyl derivative of lemonose, from l-rhamnose or its glycal, were investigated based on electrophilic cyclization, epoxidation-ring...

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Journal Title: Carbohydrate Research Vol. 409; pp. 63 - 68
Authors: Walter J. Boyko, Robert M. Giuliano, W. Scott Kassel, Nicholas A. Piro, Alicia C. Briegel, Adrienne K. Cummings, Garry R. Smith, Matthew D. Doroski
Format: Article
Published: 05/29/2015