Protonation Studies of a Mono-Dinitrogen Complex of Chromium Supported by a 12-Membered Phosphorus Macrocycle Containing Pendant Amines

The reduction of fac-CrCl3(PPh3NBn3)], (1(Cl3)), (PPh3NBn3 = 1,5,9-tribenzyl-3,7,11-triphenyl-1,5,9-triaza-3,7,11-triphosphacyclododecane) with Mg in the presence of dmpe (dmpe = 1,2-bis(dimethylphosphino)ethane) affords the first example of a monodinitrogen Cr0 complex, Cr(N2)(dmpe)(PPh3NBn3), (2(N...

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Journal Title: Inorganic chemistry Vol. 54; no. 10; pp. 4827 - 4839
Authors: Michael T. Mock, William G. Dougherty, W. Scott Kassel, Molly O'Hagan, Roger Rousseau, Jonathan D. Egbert, Aaron W. Pierpont, Shentan Chen1, R. M. Bullock
Format: Article
Published: 2015