The Large Magellanic Cloud Eclipsing Binary HV 2274 Fundamental Properties and Comparison with Evolutionary Models

We are carrying out an international, multiwavelength program to determine the fundamental properties and independent distance estimates of selected 14th to 15th magnitude eclipsing binaries in the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds (LMC and SMC). Eclipsing binaries with well-defined double-line radi...

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Journal Title: The Astrophysical Journal Vol. 528; no. 2; pp. 692 - 701
Authors: Edward Guinan, Ignasi Ribas, Edward Fitzpatrick, Frank Maloney, Laurence DeWarf, Alvaro Gimenez, David H. Bradstreet, Philip Maurone, John D. Pritchard
Format: Article
Published: 01/10/2000
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