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Are financial professionals ready for IFRS? An exploratory study

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Description: Despite a move towards convergence between principles-based International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and rules-based U.S. GAAP, and the likelihood that many foreign affiliates of U.S. firms use IFRS, little research has examined whether United States financial managers appropriately record and summarize transactions in accordance with IFRS. This paper investigates the ability of 176 U.S. financial managers to appropriately apply the revenue recognition standard under IFRS when given the relevant guidance. About half of the participants selected the U.S. GAAP answer, and only 40 percent identified the correct answer under IFRS. More experienced financial managers, and financial managers with relevant industry experience were more likely to appropriately apply the standard, but a substantial percentage of them still selected the GAAP choice rather than the correct choice under IFRS. This suggests that more IFRS training in the U.S. is needed prior to IFRS adoption.
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