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Leadership in a global village Creating practice fields to develop learning organizations

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Description: This article describes two practice fields and their common approach to facilitating systems thinking and organizational learning. This article provide two examples of how microworld practice fields are used and share the results of the research under way. Behavioral simulations stand apart from computer simulations in that they attempt to reproduce individual and collective behaviors that would normally be observed in a managerial work environment, including some degrees of political, cultural and conflict activities. The behavioral simulations that we discuss here are those which attempt to mirror the top management roles and responsibilities of a global company. Unlike other “practice sessions”, where one or two programs ideas are tried in a controlled, simplified setting, the Foodcorp and Globalcorp simulations brought out each participant’s typical approach to issues and people–including their views of cultural diversity. Without intending to do so, participants often recreated in their microworld an inferior organizational system that was similar to the one that they had been living in, independent of the programme’s concepts or their expressed desire to change.
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