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The Dynamics of Learning Through Management Simulations Let's Dance

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Description: Learning through participation in a management simulation has important parallels to a dance. The office environment may be thought of as a dance hall, the participants and facilitators in management simulations as the dancers, and the content as the music. There are common objectives to the many uses of management simulations: 1. enhancing understanding of the relationship between managerial behavior and organizational performance, 2. examining how individual actions promote or inhibit effective teamwork, and 3. providing a basis for the diagnosis of managerial skills, skill development, and action planning for improved on-the-job performance. An individual cannot learn to dance just by reading about dance, just as a person cannot learn to be an effective manager only by reading books. Management simulations allow individuals to choose different partners at different times in the dance and to customize their dancing to their personal taste - all in a multimedia environment involving doing, thinking, and feeling.
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