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Engaging MBAs in Voicing Values Through Peer Coaching

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Description: Throughout their graduate business school education, young professionals are expected to develop business knowledge and leadership skills, to gain personal insights, and to apply their learnings to a wide variety of situations. These learnings build upon the values and perspectives they already possess from their life experiences and upbringing to that point. As part of a required MBA Leadership Challenge intensive weekend course (16 contact hours with 4 hrs of prework, 1 credit hour, graded, class size 50-75), an exercise and small group activity are used to help young professionals learn when and how to give voice to their values in the practice of responsible leadership. The individual exercise, referred to as the Leadership Questionnaire (LQ), involves each person deciding how he/she would handle 15 different situations (vignettes) prior to the weekend session. The LQ exercise and small group activity is concluded with a class discussion of the roles of planfulness, framing, and understanding the influence network surrounding a difficult situation.
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