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Administrative and strategic advantages of HRIS

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Description: When reference is made to human resource information systems (HRIS) in today's environment of high-tech wizardry, it is often thought of as a business tool that allows for standardization in the gathering of information about and for a company's employees. Although this was the original purpose of HRIS, many additional uses are beginning to emerge. As technological advancements reshape the workplace, the meaningful use of data as information is becoming more and more critical. As early as the mid-1990s, the focus had begun to shift to HRIS as an information resource because of their usefulness not only in HR decision making, but in strategic decision making as well. By looking at a brief evolution of the HRIS process and current capabilities, it is easier to see how a successfully implemented HRIS is moving away from a data input and storage device toward a fully operative decision-analysis tool.
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