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Planning a Successful Robotics Implementation

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Description: Technical advances in such areas as machine vision systems are quickening the penetration of industrial robots in the US workplace. Based on a series of preliminary discussions with trade specialists, consultants, and vendors, 50 industrial companies were contracted to determine if they had implemented robotics technology. Of the 23 that had robotics online, 9 agreed to take part in the study. After obtaining a characterization of the affected manufacturing process, the interviews centered on the factors affecting the adoption decision. The similarities of the respondents' planning and adoption cycles included a gradual implementation focus and positive worker response. The 2 motivating factors for the implementation were a desire either to update process technology or to broaden production capacity. Selected technical implementation factors were also gathered and analyzed. The examination of the data collected led to a series of management guidelines for planning a successful robotics implementation. The guidelines included: 1. top management interest and support, 2. a gradual implementation process, and 3. an information system for planning and control.
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