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Strategic Alliances and the Management of Intellectual Properties The Art of the Contract

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Description: Intellectual properties (IP) have been identified as compromising approximately 85% of the overall economic value of a corporation. As represented by patents, trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks, IPs constitutes a strategic resource that can assist organizations in the development of core competencies and sustainable competitive advantage. Confronting these IP-knowledge management issues requires HUB organizations to create and administer a partnership model or system that permits them to effectively manage the potential competitive risks and legal liabilities associated with the use of intellectual properties by members of their partner cadre. The model suggests that partner identification and screening activities should largely be oriented toward a due diligence analysis. Therefore, screening and due diligence investigations may represent the most critical components of the proposed IP-based partnering model by identifying potential business partners with not only the desired IP or creative capabilities but also a history of honoring their responsibilities with respect to the ethical use and protection of proprietary knowledge.
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