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Group decision-making in an unconventional emergency situation using agile Delphi approach

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Description: This paper presents a group decision-making approach for managing unconventional emergency situations using the internet. In unconventional emergency events, the expediency of developing a response strategy is of utmost importance in group decision-making environment. The research of this paper aims to rapidly develop and execute the response approach to the unconventional emergency events. We develop an agile Delphi decision-making platform based on ASP.NET. The platform proposed in the paper also provides the function of identifying risk preference and cognitive style of the decision-making experts, which allows experts to conduct appropriate alternative portfolio and enables researchers to find a new combination of experts to make the decision-making more efficient. This paper concludes with an empirical analysis in which the sedimentation event that occurred at Wuhan subway is illustrated using the proposed methodology.
Language: English
Format: Article