Claims Made and Reported A Journey Through D&O, E&O and Other Professional Lines of Insurance

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Description: Claims Made & Reported is an overview of the professional lines insurance industry in the United States, England and Bermuda. Author Goanos interviewed more than 400 active and retired industry participants to document some of the more colorful events in the history of this insurance sector. The book features a wealth of anecdotes and observations, many of which appear in writing for the first time. Mr. Buffett commented: "I hope our insurance managers got copies as I know they would enjoy it as I did. It deserves accolades." One of the world's foremost philanthropists, Mr. Buffett was also pleased that all of the book's net proceeds are being donated to four charities. "Here's hoping you sell out and [the] charities get a big check," he wrote in an e-mail to the author. Tracing the development of the professional lines industry from as far back as 1688 (the creation of Lloyds) up through 2008, Claims Made & Reported recounts industry events and experiences that run the gamut from humorous to heartbreaking. The book features chapters on a variety of topics, including AIG, other companies in professional lines insurance and the tragedy of September 11, 2001. It also includes profiles of some amazing people, including Mr. Buffett, in the books Professional Lines Insurance All-Star and Hall of Fame chapters.
Format: Book