Funny Fantasies

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Description: Another hilarious collection of short stories from John McDonnell, "Funny Fantasies" has tales about an Irish genie in a lamp, a bratty teenager abducted by aliens, a princess and a zany dragon, a village pharmacist who has customers who've been turned into werewolves and gnomes, a Greek god who doesn't get any respect on the New York City subway, a Bertie Wooster style English twit whose adventures will remind you of a P.G. Wodehouse story, and much more. You'll roar with laughter from the opening lines of these classic stories. They're all imaginative and great fun. If you liked John's other humor books, including "Larry The Alien", you'll love "Funny Fantasies". Every story has funny lines that will have you laughing till you have to catch your breath. We need more humor in the world, and "Funny Fantasies" will help to correct that situation!
Language: English
Format: Book