Rose Of Skibbereen

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Description: Sean McCarthy has a beautiful voice, a handsome face, and a dark secret in his past. When Rose Sullivan, a girl from rural Ireland, meets him the night before she leaves for America in 1880, he steals a kiss and wins her over, then disappears into the night. Eight years later Sean reunites with Rose in America, but now he’s using a different name. He won’t talk about his past, but his kisses are still thrilling. Will Rose find romance or heartache with him? Follow Rose and Sean through the years as their lives take unexpected twists and turns, and they discover the many surprises hidden in the human heart. The Rose Of Skibbereen series shows the ripple effect of emotions like love and anger, and how so many lives can be affected by a chance encounter. Meet characters you’ll grow to love as they deal with love, loss, tragedy, joy, and the tumult of the 20th century.
Language: English
Format: Book