From Fantasyland To The Rat Race A Practical Guide to Thriving in the Real World

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Description: Life is not easy when you are new to the "rat race." You will not know what to expect or what to do and you are playing a game without knowing the rules. Unfortunately, there are no Cliff Notes or tutors to help guide you through the confusing parts. To make matters worse, the stakes are higher and the pressure is on you. That is why we wrote this book. We have both had some terrific and gratifying experiences in the work world. Many errors are commonly committed by young professionals early in their careers. But we believe they can be avoided with some down-to-earth, practical guidance and a little effort. This real-life, how-to book will help you through many of the difficult challenges you will encounter as you begin your professional life. The stories and experiences contained in this book are real. We combine our own experiences with those of other successful young business people to provide a best-practices, how-to guide to help you navigate through the rough waters of your early career.
Language: English
Format: Book