Dr. Z on scoring how to pick up, seduce, and hook up with hot women

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Description: Offers a proven approach to dating in a three-part seduction manual for men, sharing the secrets of finding, dating, and pleasing attractive women.; On prototypes and love maps : being the lid for her pot -- On teeth and pecs : putting your best foot forward -- On voice and clothes : croaking and peacocking -- On self-assurance : supersizing your confidence -- On fear of rejection : reaching rejection immunity state -- On coolness and kindness : being strong but sensitive -- Beyond the bars : locating your fox's lair -- On swaggers and smiles : catching her eye and keeping it -- Beyond pick-up lines : striking up some sparks -- On buzz words and attitude similarity : nailing her number -- On times and places : planning your first contact -- On first call and confirmation : asking her out -- On core beliefs and commonalities : conversing on the first date -- On manners and protocols : behaving on the first date -- On music and poetry : getting into her panties -- Getting into her heart -- Of pillows and scents : eroticize your love den -- Beyond buttocks and breasts : being a smooth operator -- On clitoris and G-spot : making her come first -- On size and hardness : getting over penis issues -- On EMO and CAT : getting her off in multiple ways -- On fantasies : entering her secret garden -- On anal, threesomes, and swallowing : take her to the wild side -- On afterglow : fighting the urge to turn over and snore.
Language: English
Format: Book