Global warrior averting WWIII

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Description: This book sports a counter-cultural cover, because "U.S. combat as usual" is not getting the job done. It may carefully preserve American life, but it is still losing the wars. What the Pentagon needs in Afghanistan is some true light infantrymen (in the Asian tradition). Even its special operators lack the light-infantry assault, defense, and hiding skills to make them a force multiplier. With WWIII in the offing, that all must change. Contrary to the arms manufacturers' claims, light infantry can hold its own in conventional battle with an acceptable level of casualties. It can also be combined with remotely controlled tank killing and any number of other technological marvels. Contained herein are ways for the U.S. squad to rebuild the element of surprise during an attack and new skill sets for its riflemen. Also is the best intell. brief on Pakistan's internal struggles currently available.
Language: English
Format: Book