The end of money and the future of civilization

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Description: My purpose and my journey -- mega-crisis and metamorphosis -- can civilization be saved? -- the contest for rulership -- two opposing philosophies -- central banking and the rise of the money power -- the new world order -- usury and the engine of destruction -- the nature and cause of inflation -- the separation of money and state -- the evolution of money -- from commodity money to credit money -- the third evolutionary stage -- the emergence of credit clearing -- solving the money problem -- credit clearing, the "unmoney" -- the state of the alternative exchange movement -- how complementary currencies succeed or fail -- commercial trade exchanges -- their present limitations and potential furture -- a regional economic development plan based on credit clearing -- the next big thing in business : a complete web-based trading platform -- organizational forms and structures for local self-determination and complementary exchange -- the role of governments in establishing economic and financial stability -- exchange, finance, and the store of value.
Language: English
Format: Book