Jubilee the emergence of African-American culture

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Description: Foreword / Wynton Marsalis -- Introduction / Howard Dodson -- Part I: Enslavement -- 1. The transatlantic slave trade -- Africa: the long march -- The middle passage -- 2. The price of chains -- 3. Routes to freedom -- Runaways, rebels, and maroons -- Military service as a route to freedom -- Essay: Men that dared: African-American military service / Gail Buckley -- Manumission, anti-slavery, and abolition -- From property to property ownership -- Part II: A new people -- 4. A new people -- 5. A bottomless vitality -- Essay: Sacred legacies / Annette Gordon-Reed -- 6. A glory over everything -- Essay: The religion of teh slave / Gayraud S. Wilmore -- 7. Bonds unloosed and broken -- Essay: The talking book / Henry Louis Gates Jr. -- 8. The sacred fire -- Essay: The phenomenon of soul in African-American music / Amiri Baraka -- Part III: Jubilee -- 9. A new world in this wilderness -- Essay: The Emancipation Proclamation: an act of justice / John Hope Franklin -- Epilogue / Howard Dodson.; Identifies the social, cultural, political, and economic factors that helped slaves from various regions of the African continent integrate their individual religions, artistic expressions, and languages into a distinctive African American culture.
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