At the point of production the local history of the I.W.W.

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Description: Introduction / Joseph R. Conlin -- Part one. The I.W.W. in the industrial cities -- Women, Wobblies, and workers' rights : the 1912 textile strike in Little Falls, New York / Robert E. Snyder -- The I.W.W. and the Akron rubber strike of 1913 / Roy T. Wortman -- Paterson : immigrant strikers and the war of 1913 / James D. Osborne -- Pittsburg, the I.W.W., and the stogie workers / Patrick Lynch -- Part two. The I.W.W. on the extractive fringe -- Race, class, and radicalism : the Wobblies in the southern lumber industry, 1900-1916 / James F. Fickle -- "Rausch mit" : the I.W.W. in Nebraska during World War I / David G. Wagaman -- The United States v. C.W. Anderson et al. : the Wichita case, 1917-1919 / Earl Bruce White -- Part three. The I.W.W. after the fall -- Yakima and the Wobblies, 1910-1936 / James G. Newbill -- "Rang-u-tang" : the I.W.W. and the 1927 Colorado coal strike / Ronald L. McMahan -- The I.W.W. and the Boulder Canyon project : the death throes of American syndicalism / Guy Louis Rocha -- Part four. Bibliography -- Sources for the local history of the I.W.W. / Dione Miles.
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