Mate Guarding in Romantic Couples

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Description: The current study examined the relationship between interpersonal style and mate guarding behaviors within romantic couples. Both members of each dyad (n dyads = 50) rated their own and their partners' interpersonal styles using the IPIP-IPC and then assessed their own mate guarding behaviors by completing the Mate Retention Inventory. An Actor-Partner Interdependence Model demonstrated how the guarding behaviors that one uses are related to both their own interpersonal style and that of their partner. Correlations were found between certain mate guarding behaviors and the different interpersonal styles represented by the eight octants of the interpersonal circumplex (IPC). Behavior mapping was also done so that each behavior was placed at a unique location on the IPC. Results found that mate guarding behaviors were most frequently associated with being arrogant and calculating or having a partner with these qualities.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work