Adolescent Ethnic Identity and Parental Socialization across Ethnic Groups

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Description: Adolescent ethnic identity development involves the stages of exploration and commitment and is fostered by parental ethnic socialization practices, in which parents teach their children about ethnic discrimination, stereotyping, and the history and traditions associated with one's ethnicity. Broadly, there are three types of ethnic socialization practices: preparation for bias, promotion of mistrust, and cultural socialization. This study is an investigation of how ethnic socialization practices, ethnic identity development, and the links between them, vary across ethnic groups. We surveyed 338 White, African American, Latino/a, and Asian American adolescents and their parents. Although ethnic minority parents engaged in higher levels of ethnic socialization practices than White parents, ethnic groups did not differ on adolescent ethnic identity development. Cultural socialization predicted ethnic exploration for White and African American adolescents and ethnic commitment for White, Latino/a, and Asian American adolescents. Future research should examine how other ethnic socialization practices predict ethnic identity.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work