Studies Of The Nature Of The Binding Process Responsible For The Existence Of Complexes Of Cyclodextrins

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Description: Association constants for the complexation of a series of azo dyes with (beta)-cyclodextrin have been determined by means of changes in UV-Visible spectra in aqueous solution at pH 7.00, an ionic strength of 0.15 M and at 25(DEGREES)C. The correlation of the association constants of dyes with (alpha)- and (beta)-cyclodextrins in term of logarithm was found to be non-linear which implies that the binding forces of inclusion complexes of (alpha)- and (beta)-cyclodextrins are different. The role of solvation in determining stabilities was clarified by the study of the correlation of the distribution coefficients of the dyes between octanol and water by using the hydrophobic fragmental constants. This supports the viewpoint that the (DELTA)(DELTA)G('o)(solv) term is not the major factor explaining the binding process. Calculations of the disposition the guest within the cavity along with statistical thermodynamic theory have been used to analyze the binding process of some cyclodextrin-substrate systems including those involving the dyes noted above and nitro-phenols.
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Format: Degree Work