Design and implementation of an on-line computerized system for cyclic voltammetry and double potential step chronoamperometry experiments

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Description: A BAS CV-27 Voltammograph and Apple IIe microcomputer equipped with ADALAB and AI13 interface boards were combined into a system to collect, display, store, and evaluate data from CV and DPSC experiments through programs written in BASIC. For the CV system, routines are included for peak current, peak potential, and peak area determinations, where baseline placement and peak limits are designated with a moving cursor. Additional routines are available to convert the raw digital data to current and potential values, to add and/or subtract multiple curves, and to display multiple voltammograms or to expand the curves to full-screen resolution. Intermittent exogenous noise led to the evaluation of moving average and Fourier data smoothing filters. Based on this study, a 19 point moving window digital filter was added to the CV programs as a post-run applied option. In the DPSC system, the ADALAB analog output is used to generate the voltage steps for the charge transfer reactions. BASIC programs are included to convert the data to current and voltage values versus time and to determine the current ratios at various fractions of the voltage hold times. The performance of both systems was assessed during a study of the effect of surfactants on the heterogeneous and homogeneous reactions of PAP in pH 3.1 McIlvaine buffer.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work