The cohesion of alliances. Case study North Atlantic Treaty Organization

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Description: In order for nations to interact in the intricate sphere of international relations, alliances have become a major asset for individual nations to come together, especially in providing joint security and defense. Alliances must be cohesive entities able to adapt to altering international conditions, while remaining true to the principles of formation and beneficial to members. The elements which make alliances cohesive will be examined so that a more complete understanding of alliances can be formed. Conversely, failed alliances elements will be addressed to give a complete view of the importance of alliance cohesion. The Cold War alliances of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is used as a case study to examine the principles of alliance cohesion through the alliance's inception to its transformation at the end of the Cold War to an analysis as to whether or not it will remain a cohesive and active alliance in the future.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work