The second-to-fourth digit ratio and the female waist-to-hip ratio

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Description: The ratio of the length of the index to ring finger (otherwise know as the second-to-fourth digit ratio or 2D:4D) is a sexually dimorphic trait in that it differs between the genders. Males tend to have lower 2D:4D) values than females. This ratio has been shown to be correlated with prenatal concentrations of fetal testosterone to fetal estrogen. Similarly, the female waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) has been shown to relate to circulating amounts of testosterone and estrogen. This study attempted to find a relationship between the female WHR and 2D:4D. It found a significant positive association between the left hand 2D:4D and the WHR in the opposite direction of predictions for the whole sample of participants ( n = 82). However, when outliers in terms of body mass index (kg/m 2 ) were removed from the sample, the association was no longer present.
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Format: Degree Work