Spatial capture following attentional engagement Particular to certain classes of stimuli?

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Description: The present experiment was conducted in order to determine whether, during the early stages of engagement, the attentional system is vulnerable to capture by any irrelevant stimulus whatsoever, or whether this capture is in fact restricted to certain kinds of stimuli such as abrupt onsets (e.g., Yantis & Jonides, 1990). Sixty subjects performed a modified rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) in which half of all subjects were exposed to a dynamic onset display in an effort to capture their attention, while the other half was exposed to a static color change. Results indicated that a static color change was ineffective in capturing subjects' attention, suggesting that, consistent with claims advanced by several other authors, certain classes of stimuli such as abrupt onsets are prioritized by the attentional system, and are therefore more likely to capture attention.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work