Evaluating a global health policy initiative Applying the advocacy coalition framework to the International Diabetes Federation's work for a United Nations resolution

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Description: This research applies Paul Sabatier's theory of an 'advocacy coalition framework' to evaluate if it explains the activities of the International Diabetes Federation and their efforts to develop a United Nations resolution for a global campaign addressing diabetes. In his work, Sabatier outlines four basic premises for a successful advocacy coalition framework to achieve policy changes. The four key premises have been identified for understanding interest group activity towards policy change within a domestic framework, and those points will be expanded in a study of the IDF's current global coalition. IDF's work has expanded to include members of governments, organizations and corporations to develop a global campaign for the prevention and management of diabetes. Sabatier's framework is rarely applied to the international arena, yet coalitions are no longer limited by geography or policy area. Globalization and the expansion of technology encourage interest group interconnectedness and this is evident in the recent activities within the diabetes-related subsystem. The analysis of the developing coalition has highlighted the need for an evaluation and expansion of Sabatier's previously domestically-applied theory to recognize the activities of global interests.
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Format: Degree Work