"The future American" A hierarchy of color in the writings of Charles W. Chesnutt

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Description: The protagonists in many of Charles W. Chesnutt's fictional works are individuals of mixed blood. I will demonstrate that Chesnutt not only believed in the inevitability of racial admixture but actually recommended the absorption of the black race by the dominant whites as a way to assure the acceptance of blacks into American society. My thesis argues that the characters in Chesnutt's fiction reflect his commitment to assimilation and demonstrate a unique brand of prejudice possessed by the author. By foregrounding his journals and essays, I will prove that Charles W. Chesnutt was not an advocate for African Americans because he felt an affinity with them. I will show that he was a racist. But because of the times, was forced to advocate for blacks as a result of his placement as an African American. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)
Language: English
Format: Degree Work