"Acoustic packaging" The role of infant-directed speech in segmenting action sequences

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Description: The current study investigated whether acoustic input, in the form of infant-directed speech, assisted 8- to 10-month old infants in parsing human action. Thirty-two infants were familiarized to human action sequences with accompanying acoustic input that "packaged" two action clips together as a unit. Twelve infants in a control group viewed identical action sequences in silence. A discrimination task assessed whether infants differentiated between packaged and non-packaged action clips. Results suggested that exposure to acoustic input during familiarization influenced infants' discrimination at test. Specifically, infants who viewed action sequences with accompanying acoustic input looked longer at non-packaged action pairs compared to packaged action pairs. Infants who viewed action sequences in silence showed no discrimination. The role for acoustic input in assisting infants with action parsing is discussed.
Language: English
Format: Degree Work