American fundamentalism Domestic determinants of United States Middle East policy under the Bush administration, 2000--2006

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Description: Prior to September 11, 2001, it would have been difficult to discuss a coherent or monolithic neoconservative foreign policy. Since the attacks, however, a distinct neoconservative identity has emerged---one predicated upon the forceful usage of American power to overthrow autocrats, promote national interests, and forge democracies. This thesis attempts to portray not only how powerful domestic elements---namely neoconservatives and fundamentalist Christians---have used the September 11 events to promote a right-wing neoconservative agenda, but also how they have made common cause in this pursuit. My intent is to bridge a gap in the existing literature by demonstrating how ideological influences pertaining to the conduct of American foreign policy corroborate preexisting strategic goals in the region. In this quest, I examine U.S. policy toward Israel, Iraq, and Iran under the administration of George W. Bush.
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Format: Degree Work