Synthesis of pyridine-bis(imine) iron compounds for future polymerization studies

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Description: The attempted synthesis of two target iron catalyst compounds to be used in polymerization of isobutylene, ethylene, and propylene will be described. Substituents on the pyrroles of the iron compounds will vary between cyclohexyl and methyl groups. In the design of these potential catalysts, the stereoelectronics of the iron compounds were considered to favor propagation versus chain termination in forming a polymer. Presumably, the substituents on the pyrroles will affect the polymerization activity and yield of the catalysts. We shall especially target (a) the intrinsic aptitude toward polymerization of the Fe(II) systems and (b) the influence of steric bulk around the active Fe(II) site on catalyst performance and (c) how that catalysts perform (i.e. polymerization activity and polymer molecular weight). This is the objective of the following research. My project involves synthesis of two Fe(II) catalysts for future polymerization tests; one of these has not been made previously (compound 2e ).
Language: English
Format: Degree Work